Once & Future #3 Review

Another perfect issue in this engaging and wondrous series.

This is where men become Kings,
and Kings become Legends


Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art and Cover by: Dan Mora
Colours by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
Release Date: October 16, 2019

Duncan is in the thick of The Story with his Gran now. After seeing more of what’s at stake in the last issue – we continue investigating with Gran on how to stop the arisen King Arthur. With more action, discovery, and new allies for both sides, this issue brings the heat – in more than one way.

Story Summary

We open to Duncan laying firing on King Arthur’s henchmen, while Gran lays down explosives to help in their retreat from the scene. Gran mentions they need to find The Doctor, a now-deceased ally of Gran’s they need to find his successor – who turns out to be Duncan’s date from the first issue. They wrangle her into their adventure and come across the old Doctor’s files. Upon the recovery of the files, they head off to intervene against their foes.

King Arthur heads to look for a suitable sword after his encounter with Duncan and Gran. He finds “The Sword in The Stone” and removes it effortlessly, giving him greater strength and an updated wardrobe. Elaine brings forth her son Galahad, to join the adventure pledging his allegiance to King Arthur.

Lurking in the shadows, Duncan and Gran witness the encounter. When Duncan asks their next move – we see Gran is a few steps ahead, with Galahad in her rifle sights.


Gillen continues to weave us a more intricate, engaging, fantasy story with true grit and glamour. Moments of huzzah, excitement and dread are present here too. Gran blowing off explosives, portals to other lands, and more people getting roped into this adventure. Always a sufficient amount of dialogue and action in every book thus far.


If this book were just artwork – I’d still be worthwhile for you to pick it up. Mora and Bonvillain give it their A-game. Each page, panel and cover has love and attention down to the last detail. Even exterior shots are given proper care, making it easier to get lost in the story—a perfect issue.

Final Thoughts

Get this book, wait for the trade, just read it. Keiron, Mora and Bonvillain give everything they have, and it shows. Another perfect issue in this engaging and wondrous series.

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