Nightwing #65 Review

A highlight in this story arc

At long last,
you are a Talon.

William Cobb (Talon)

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Ronan Cliquet
Colours by: Nick Filardi
Letters by: AndWorld Design
Cover by: Bruno Redondo
Variant Cover by: Warren Louw
Release Date: October 16, 2019

Bludhaven citizens are rioting in the streets as the remaining ‘Wings rally to keep order. Meanwhile, Talon goes after Ric and Bea head-on. A massive build-up in the last issue – leads us to this payoff confrontation between Talon and Ric.

Story Summary

After a vicious attack from Talon, Zac remains in the hospital recuperating – while the other ‘Wings are out stopping citizens from rioting the streets and stealing medication from a nearby clinic. However, they are quickly overwhelmed by the mob and get taken back from their standoff.

On the Bludhaven rooftops, Talon goes after Ric – but not before revealing his true heritage. Making a mockery of his non-lethal move set and his improper upbringing, Talon toys with Ric before revealing his true identity – William Cobb, Richard Grayson’s Great Grandfather. As Talon gains the upper hand on Ric, he manages to place a pair of Talon Goggles over him – in an attempt for him to fulfil his destiny – to be a Talon.


Though the subplot involving the ‘Wings gets minor attention here, before being dropped mid-issue – the real bang happens between Ric and Talon. Witty retort, quick reveals and a great fight sequence is the highlight here. Ending with the threat of ‘Ric becoming Talon.


The art team did a great job this issue, just as strong as the last – but with more action and some full profile pages make this issue shine. Swift and striking panels bring you closer into every hit and aerobatic move, making for a mesmerizing page-turner.

Final Thoughts

The ‘Wings are taking the back burner, and Ric Grayson might not go back to being Dick but instead fulfil his destiny of being a Talon for the Court of Owls. William Cobb steals this issue, with his revelations and absurd takedown of Ric – making this a highlight in this story arc.

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Nightwing #65







  • Talon vs. Ric!
  • Great action and dialog in this issue.

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