Flash Forward #2 Review

A small stepping stone on a hopefully more prevalent series run.

I wish I could bring him here to truly show him his destiny.
But he is not ready.

Tempus Fuginaut

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Pencils by: Brett Booth
Inks by: Norm Rapmund
Colours by: Luis Guerrero
Letters by: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Cover by: Doc Shaner
Variant Cover by: Inhyuk Lee
Release Date: October 16, 2019

The Dark Multiverse still has dark energy infecting the surrounding worlds after the events of METAL. Tempus Fuginaut has tasked Wally West with trying to stop it – and to save the multiverse. This issue we start with Wally getting thrown into another Earth, staff given to him by Tempus in hand. Can he alter the fate of these darkened worlds?

Story Summary

Wally finds himself on Earth-23 at The Oval Office of Solitude (The White House), witnessing dark matter infecting a beaten-up President Superman. Wally tries to find more information from him before being interrupted by a creature composed entirely of dark matter. Using the Staff, Wally manages to stun the beast into its absorbing light. Earth-23’s Justice League of America shows up to assist Wally, and they learn of President Superman’s events with the dark matter creature trying to kill him. Wally also learns that Earth is about to be engulfed by dark matter and that Congress has launched an Anti-Life bomb on the planet.

Wally blasts President Superman with the staff before he runs off to reflect on past events. In his run, he is stopped by Tempus, who tells him he’s bound to fail this task. Wally strides on and comes upon The Retaliators, who quickly blame him for their sudden arrival on this Earth. After a swift take-down of the team, he quickly uses the staff to clean the Earth of the dark matter.

Knowing the Anti-Life bomb will go off in seconds, Wally is surprised to find President Superman bringing it to him – out of commission. Superman thanks him for the blast – as it cleansed him of the dark matter in his system. They thank Wally for his help – before he runs off once more to another world.

We end with Tempus watching Wally’s success and pondering his destiny. Leading us to a warn torn conversation of Wally’s children – Jai and Iris West.


The story has some minor odditites, the more annoying being Wally blasting President Superman for no apparent reason as a means to create suspense. No mention of the Mobius Chair is made in this issue, though its importance had a substantial impression on the last issue. Not what I expect to be the best writing in this series.


The art team works overtime this issue – lots of characters featured and intense fights. Echoes of the last issue are present in this issue, working to their benefit.

Final Thoughts

Not Lobdell’s best writing, but still held up by the strong art team – Flash Forward #2 is a small stepping stone on a hopefully more prevalent series run.

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  • Artwork remains tight
  • More explanations


  • Fumble here and there

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