Batman #81 Review

This book is a little off, great but off.

The Butler was family.
The Father is Family.
And them…
they’re family.

Robin (Damian Wayne)

Written by: Tom King
Pencils by: John Romita Jr. and Mitch Gerads
Inks by: Klaus Janson and Mitch Gerads
Colours by: Tomeu Morey and Mitch Gerads
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Cover by: John Romita Jr., Klas Janson & Tomeu Morey
Variant Cover by: Francesco Mattina
Release Date: October 16, 2019

The Bat-Family faces off against Thomas Wayne, while the Bat and Cat charge towards their endgame – Bane. A rollercoaster of an issue – leaving us cheering and screaming.

Story Summary

Just as we left it, Damian Wayne hangs at gunpoint before his grandfather, Thomas Wayne – the Flashpoint Batman. Unaware that the Bat-Family has snuck up to rescue Damian and stop Thomas. They all start strong, but it isn’t until they decide to offer him mercy – that the tables turn and Thomas lays into the Family. In an offscreen scramble, we hear the Family try to subdue him, but we see Thomas return above the manor successful. He beckons Wesker to make him a tea before noting that he is the real Batman.

Batman and Catwoman venture through thugs and into the depths of Arham Asylum before confronting Bane. During this process, Bats steps up the detective game and explains his knowledge of everything Bane has tasked against him from what seems like the beginning of this arc. We also get a Clayface assist, at the Asylum posing as the Joker before taking out The Riddle. Also, we are left with Bullock singing on the top of GCPD rooftops looking out to the LoD beaming over the sky.


King plays to some of Romita’s advantages giving us some good BAM POW moments with Thomas and the rest of the Bat-Family. We also have that grand reveal of Bats knowing Banes endgame all along. A massive action issue with great plot reveals? – well done.


Romita goes full-on during the fight, as in the scenes mentioned above. He gives sturdy panels that make you feel each hit – but during some of the final pages, we see some sloppy anatomy and forced perspective pages that just don’t hit on target.

Final Thoughts

A change of pace from the last issue, but it still leaves you wanting more. Whether it be Romita’s fight scenes stretching out over the book, with some not evening showing a fight, or King’s need to rush out answers to questions we didn’t have in the first place – this book is a little off, great but off.

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  • Bat-Family team up
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  • Bat-Family team up
  • Questions answered?

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