Detective Comics #1013 Review

A well-packed issue leaving many aspirations for the next.

If you leave now I promise I will not kill you today.

Mr. Freeze (Dr. Victor Fries)

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils by: Doug Mahnke
Inks by: Keith Champagne and Christian Alamy
Colours by: David Baron
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Cover by: Doug Mahnke and David Baron
Variant Cover by: Tyler Kirkham
Release Date: October 9, 2019

Story Summary

This issue opens to Batman interrogating one of Freeze’s henchman with a little help from Alfred, who poses as an intimidating corpse, to find out who is behind all of the kidnappings. After an intense round of questioning, he gets an answer – surprise it’s Freeze. At his hideout, Freeze goes over his frozen menagerie and receives word that his henchman has failed, and his mission is compromised. Busting through the wall with his Heat suit, Batman goes after Freeze, who gives him an ultimatum, before unleashing his frozen dead army on him. He bursts free from the undead frozen claws of his attackers, and then races after Freeze. Freeze gets the upper hand and manages to freeze him in his tracks with a Depth Charge. After using the suits heat generation to free himself, Batman recollects himself and regroups with Alfred in the Batcave. Under fear of their identity being revealed by the recovered frozen captors, Alfred dons a Flash mask and assists Batman. Far away, Freeze begins the procedure to bring Nora back to life. We’re left with a full-page of Nora screaming, “Victor, Don’t!”


This issue feels different than last, with more action and drama and consistent flow throughout. We get great dialogue between Batman and Alfred during the interrogation and back at the Batcave. Not to mention Freeze having such a violent force to bring back his wife. Tomasi pushes Freeze to a degree we haven’t seen in the past issues. He also manages to give us a more human side of Freeze at the same time — a significant improvement over last month’s 50/50 plot. Hopefully, more consistency will be prevalent in the next issue.


We stick with pencils by Doug Mahnke, change over from the last issue to inks with Keith Champagne and Christian Alamy. Featuring a handful of beautiful panels and some excellent full-page profiles – this issue gives it’s all when dialogue is bare. It’s an impressive display of action and suspense.

Final Thoughts

With a rough interrogation, an intense chase scene and a surprising ending – we get a well-packed issue leaving many aspirations for the next.

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  • Excellent intense scenes
  • Flowing artowrk and full pages

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