Red Hood: Outlaw #38 Review

Rocafort's artwork throughout this issue is beautiful and Lobdell continues to deliver a satisfying story.

This is the exact opposite of teamwork.

Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art and Cover by: Kenneth Rocafort
Colours by: Steve Firechow
Letters by: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Variant Cover by: Philip Tan, Marc Deering & Jay David Ramos
Release Date: September 25, 2019

Jason and his new student outlaws continue their search in S.T.A.R. Labs for Lex Luthor’s secret creature, which they happen upon and instantly underestimate the foe. Devour takes lead while seemingly getting the creature under control – it breaks through and surprises everyone, save Jason.

One of the highlights here in this issue is a wonderful backstory of Devour in his homeland of Songnim, North Korea. We see his pre-form and his happenstance encounter with Lex Luthor dropping in to see him. With a few words of comparison between the two – Devour joins up.

While the team battles their suspected foe onward, it isn’t until DNA stops everyone and reads the creature’s mind. It’s revealed the creature was a S.T.A.R. Labs intern who was exposed to Doomsday Spores and turned into the creature the team now faces.

Jason lets the team know he was privy to that information all along and that it was a learning experience for the team. DNA then senses that “other monsters” are close by – and sure enough we see the Monster Arm and friends join up with the team.

Meanwhile Artemis and Bizzaro are still in a space between dimensions and find Faye Gunn mysterious bottled away. They try to think of a way to free her but are beaten to the punch by Bizarro’s “imaginary” mini Superman friend, from earlier on in the series, who smashes the bottle open.

A nice character issue with some intense fighting and wonderful build-up to this excellent story so far. Rocafort’s artwork throughout this issue is beautiful and Lobdell continues to deliver a satisfying story.

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  • Love this artwork
  • Great character story

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