Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3 Review


Tell the Devil Azrael sent you.

Azrael (John Paul Valley)

Written / Art / Covers by: Sean Murphy
Colours by: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by: AndWorld Design
Release Date: September 25, 2019

Curse of the White Knight is the best currently ongoing comic – there I said it. Sean Murphy has created a masterpiece and were only three issues in – I can’t comprehend how it can get any better!

Bruce Wayne is recovering after having Wayne Manor blow up by having his identity revealed to – everyone! Dick rescues Bruce after the Bat-mobile went haywire and crashed into Gotham Harbour, as the GCPD drags him out. Jim Gordon decides to step down and promote Renee Montoya – until he gets tricked by Azrael and takes a flaming sword to the chest before falling several stories down to the streets.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Harley team up to see if they can find out more about Joker’s plan. They interrogate Joker and let on they know more then he thinks they do – but not enough to crack the mystery surrounding Azrael and his crew. They travel into Arkham Asylum’s underbelly to dig up more info – before Harley goes into labour.

The artwork is beautiful, the colours are vibrant and each page feels like it could be framed and hung on the wall. Action sequences pull you in and characters are given depth and emotion. It helps make everything flow smoothly and keep the story that much better.

Did you see what I said about the last issue? It applies here as well – GET THIS COMIC!

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