DCeased: A Good Day To Die #1 Review

An excellent one-shot, that is worthy of being considered a core issue of the main series.

The world isn’t over until I say it is.

John Constantine

Written by: Tom Taylor
Pencils by: Laura Braga & Darick Robertson
Inks by: Richard Friend, Trevor Scott, and Darick Robertson
Colours by: Rain Beredo
Letters by: Saida Temofontoe
Cover by: Ryan Sook
Variant Covers by: Francesco Mattina, Yasmine Putri and Kaare Andrews
Release Date: September 4 2019

DCeased has been just an alright series so far. Most of our favourite heroes have fallen to the virus that’s turned everyone into a flesh eating zombie. We look to some of the lesser known or second string heroes in this one shot running alongside the main series, to see if someone can save the world.

We start off with Big Barda and Scott Free escaping from the destroyed Apokolips and coming to see what they can do to save Earth. After meeting up with Mister Terrific (who indulges in a veggie tray with the two) they head off to meet up with Booster Gold and Ted Kord to find another way to cure the infected and stop the virus.

Mister Terrific mentions the three different ways that the virus could be stopped – and when we meet up with John Constantine, we find out he might be the third. John being John at first doesn’t want to help and decides to run off to Bobo’s bar in a pocket dimension – before changing his mind and meeting up with our heroes. From there – it gets interesting.

Tom Taylor has been having extreme highs in this series, but they always seem to be pulled down by the end of the issue. This one-shot ups the ante and leaves us excited for the next issue in the series. Several artists help Taylor in this issue – which hinders some plot points as we switch styles slightly, but each panel is beautifully laid out and illustrated.

A Good Day to Die is an excellent one-shot, that is worthy of being considered a core issue of the main series.

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DCeased: A Good Day To Die #1







  • Great Team Up
  • John Constantine!
  • Nice addition to main series


  • Multiple artists take away from main story for some pages.

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