Faithless #5 Review

Starts us on a low and leaves us with a more upbeat expectation for a grandiose ending.

I’ll scream if you say everything happens for a reason.

– Faith

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Maria Llovet
Letters by: AndWorld Design
Cover by: Paul Pope and Daniel Semanas
Variant Cover by: Becky Cloonan
Release Date: August 21, 2019

Grieving is not easy for most people, and for Faith – having two people she knows die so soon, we don’t expect her to be back to normal. Or at least as normal as she has been the past few issues. As she grieves and reaches out to an old friend, we see a new side of her. One that questions events and seeks to find and accept help. Which her friend doles out and Faith accepts.

The story that Brain Azzarello has been sharing with us these past few issues has promised a devious event to keep reoccurring. The characters that Faith has run into are shining examples. The most recent, a latin speaking homeless woman warning faith. Though she takes it as incoherent crazy rambling and shoves the woman off. Then chaos ensues. We are left with Faith back with Poppy, who helps her regain her focus to create.

With stunning covers and wonderfully curated panels, Maria Llovet has some magnificent art in these pages. With only minor sloppy character work in early pages that takes away from some of the overly talkative dialouge.

With one more issue to go, I’m left wondering if we will see a larger then life ending. Perhaps, something more akin to a understanding between the events going on in Faith’s day to day. If anything I’ll be sad to see these series end. Issue 5 starts us on a low and leaves us with a more upbeat expectation for a grandiose ending.

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Faithless #5







  • Great artwork
  • Spirited Dialogue


  • Leaves us feeling...unstaisfied

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